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Ficucell Vita is an extract of Opuntia Ficus Indica cultured stem cells, which protects the Extracellular Matrix and extends cellular longevity. It acts by inhibiting the degradation of collagen and elastin and stimulating the formation of Collagen

type I and type III to strengthen the Extracellular Matrix. 

This brand  new collections from Elemonts  is an oasis of calm and relaxation to pamper your skin from within. The exclusive Yverdon les bains  spring water from Switzerland is the soul of purity and treasure in this collection, dedicated to repairing and nourishing sensitive skin which is s caused by different physical and environmental aggressors. This is curative water that contains valuables & PURE BIOCHEMICAL therapeutic minerals and is rich in calcium and magnesium from your deep in the ground to bring the best calming agent to your delicate skin.

Stem Cell Repair Care

It shows powerful Sirt-1 and Sirt-6 gene expression induction for a longer cell

lifespan whilst shielding the skin fro DNA damages, helping maintain both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA integrity.

Furthermore, FicuCell Vita enhances aquaporin 3 gene expression, thereby increasing the water / glycerol channels for better skin hydration. Through its protecting actions on the ExtraCellular Matrix and DNA, as well as its strong boosting and moisturising effects, FicuCell Vita helps defend the skin from premature ageing.

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