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Traditional Postnatal Belly Binding & Jamu Massage
"I gave birth naturally over a month ago and I joined Elly’s 15 days belly binding treatment. Prior to the treatment, my postpartum belly had lost its firmness and shape. My belly button was flat, due to my belly expanding during the pregnancy. My abdominal muscles were also separated. There was approximately a two finger width separation….Read more


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After the massive charges and trauma that you put your body trough during the 9 months of pregnancy, your body definitely deserves proper treatment to recover and return its state and shape back to of optimal health.

Postnatal massage originates from Malay Archipelago and is actively practiced by the Malay community in Malaysia and Indonesia and Brunei. It's different from regular massage as it is specifically  designed to take the physiology of women  who have just completed a full  course of  pregnancy and delivery a baby into consideration. As such, the massage has varying degree of pressure exerted and  different focus points  from a regular massage .

An important aspect of postnatal Jamu massage is uterus massage, which is known to be highly beneficial  for women's  reproductive health.

Jamu massage is followed by traditional Postnatal Belly Binding (Bengkung Belly Binding). This is a traditional Indonesian practice of wrapping a woman’s belly to assist in the recovery process after childbirth. Elly uses a long strip of cloth to wrap around the abdomen (usually from the hips up to the rib cage) so that the muscles remain engaged and unmoving.


It helps to reduce swelling, water retention, support the back and shrink back the area to pre-pregnancy size as much as possible. Additionally, it helps lifting the uterus back into its natural position.


Post Jamu massage benefits 👇

  • Reshape you body and back to original

  • Blood pressure improves

  • Blood circulating

  • Destroy the fat and wind from our body 

  • Increase the oxygen supply and aids in climinating toxins from muscles and fats

  • Using natural herbs for healing  after the post natal  jamu Bengkung binding massage


What is the separation of the rectus abdominis?


The rectus abdominis is the eight abdominal muscles on the left and right sides of the abdomen. During pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the abdomen becomes bigger and bigger, and the rectus abdominis space on the left and right sides will be widened and separated. After production, the rectus abdominis space that is stretched and separated will become a false belly


Why do you need to tie up?


The belly binding is based on the unique needs of each mother. For the different postures and problems of the mothers, Elly uses the appropriate force in the exact position, and take a circle from the pelvis from the bottom to the sternum with a long cloth, with different strengths to improve the needs of different parts. There are also differences in the method of sputum or laparotomy. Therefore, the strength and method vary from person to person.


If combined with whole body lymphatic massage, it accelerates the body's blood circulation and clears the lymphatic system, focused on the mother's postpartum needs, and the effect will be more significant.

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