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Julia M. - Had a gorgeous facial last night! Very relaxing and I highly recommend the micro current. I really can feel the difference in my skin. Thank you Elly!

Birgitte O. - Before going to Elly House of Beauty, I tried a place in CWB for hair removal. I went at least 10 times and no changed at all. After only a few times at Elly's, there are almost no black hair left. I totally recommend everybody to try. Thank you so much Elly. 

Samantha M. - So pleased with the result of my eyebrow microblading. Highly professional staff and relaxing treatment room. No pain or discomfort at all. Wish I'd had it done sooner. 

Lisa H. - Elly is passionate and knowledgeable about her chosen profession and also delight to talk to. I trust her with my teenage daughter"s skin and i trust her with mine. 

Brenda B. - Elly Avcu is really good. The treatments are very effective and relaxing.

Debbie B. - Elly Acvu is very knowledgeable and is certified.

Suzanne N. - Fab facial at Elly Avcu's House of Beauty. You have to try micro current. Smartens the snag up! Best facial. Worth the visit and gives evening appointments!

Alison W. - I recently started having regular Iontophoresis facials and Micro-current eye treatments with Elly and I have been extremely happy with the results. Because I play tennis, my skin is exposed to the sun regularly. Knowing this, Elly tailors my treatments to help manage and diminish the effects the sun has on my skin. I recommend Elly to anyone who wants a boutique one-on-one approach to their skin care, and at the same time, you'll also be supporting a local business woman.

Karen N. - if you're looking for cosmetician here in DB, I want to recommend a very good one. Her name is Elly Avcu. I did a face treatment yesterday and she was very professional and service oriented and my face looks great!

Karen N. - If anyone is looking for a great place for facial, I had another wonderful facial with Elly Avcu yesterday. I've been doing the Micro-currents (which I love), but yesterday's experienced her new IPL treatment. Absolutely fabulous! Could see and feel the difference at the time of treatment and I am even more pleased with the way my face looks today! Thanks so much Elly!


Caitlin C. - I just wanted to say that I had a lovely facial yesterday at Elly House! Not only was it relaxing, but my skin looked refresh and very well hydrated immediately afterwards. When I woke up this morning, I was pleased to see great results. I will be returning in the future. Thank you.   


Diploma in Beauty Specialist – England, UK

Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatments, UK

Diploma in Laser and Intense Pulsed Light, UK

Diploma of MTS Art Make Up, Korea

Certified Beauty Specialist, Hong Kong  

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